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Camp Safety

Safety is our #1 priority at Reels in the Rockies. While there is a level of risk in all of the activities we will be doing, we have ensured that our staff is highly trained to prevent injuries and monitor the dancer's well being. All non-Irish dance activities are taught by fully screened staff at Camp Kuriakos, who work with youth groups like us year-round. Both our staff and Kuriakos employees are trained in first aid and have gone through criminal and vulnerable-sector background checks. Choosing to come to camp does have many documented benefits, and it also has particular risks. Please take some time to actively engage in the following information.


Participants/families need to know the risks associated with a summer camp experience at Reels in the Rockies and to accept that they are taking risks. There can be no doubt that some of the risks of camping are intrinsic to the enjoyment and growth experienced at camp. For instance, there is some emotional risk involved when meeting new friends, and there is physical risk involved in a hiking trip. We manage these risks with authoritative planning, training and equipment. For example, we manage the emotional risks of meeting new friends by adopting fun, inclusive programs where young people can grow together with guidance. We manage the risks of mountain hiking by deciding upon age-specific goals, by reviewing a destination, by supporting trained staff and by carrying appropriate equipment.




The Kuriakos hosts youth camps year-round and is used to providing meal plans for campers with allergies, including peanuts etc. If you have concerns or questions about your camper's allergies or health, please contact us to discuss further. 


In the event of a serious medical emergency, there is urgent care access at Sylvan Lake Health Centre. 


We aim to create the most rewarding experiences both in Irish dancing and other outdoor activities while limiting unnecessary risk. 





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